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The actual definition of folklore is the science of anything that relates to a society’s culture, but in Turkey, it is mainly understood it terms of folkloric dances. As a club, the focus is on folkloric dance; however, other aspects also feature in club activities. This club aims to ensure Galatasaray High School remains connected to its past and culture. 

The Folkloric Dance Club has fulfilled its mission through its many achievements in festivals, shows, and competitions at other schools and in other cities. The club engages in cultural exchange within the school and a performance is held in Tevfik Fikret Hall, which is named after a past teacher and principal. Folkloric dance from a certain region is practiced once a week; chosen at the beginning of the year, under the supervision of one of the teachers. The dance is performed in Tevfik Fikret Hall throughout the year and the club also takes part in festivals and events.

Every member of the Folkloric Dance Club makes a good example of social solidarity and fulfills his/her responsibilities in terms of to keeping culture and traditions alive.