Foundation :

Galatasaray High School Futurists Club was founded on February 2015 to understand and to share the opinions about how and how much all the disciplines and technology will change humanity from the social and positive sciences point of view, and to take part in actions to develop means to better life and be an organiser in those activities.

It is, at the same time, the first futurist school club in high schools on Turkey.

Working Methods and Activities :

Club member students plan meeting days together with school administration, teachers and the counseling service. 

The Club organizes activities of meetings, talks, workshops and “Galatasaray High School Futurist Day” in order to get specialists’ contribution in determined topics and to transfer those specialists’ forecastings and to share them with students.

By means of recording views and opinions of participants in club activities, and making use of current digital technological facilities, the club puts emphasis on sharing these valuable opinions with all the spheres of the school life and other persons and institutions. 

Objective :

The club strives to take part in the creation of a better country and the planning of the world.